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One Hour (60 Minute) Training Session:  $60.00*

*Must purchase a package of at least 10 sessions for this rate.  
*No contract is required.
10 Reasons to hire a trainer:
1. Safety
2. Accountability
3. Improved Results
4. Increased Intensity
5. Proper Form and Technique
6. Support and Encouragement
7. Greater Variety of Exercises 
8. Progress Evaluation
9. Fun, Fresh, Interesting Workouts
10. Professional Guidance and Expertise

Strength training

Strength Training is very important because it increases lean muscle, which in turn, increases your metabolism. For every pound of lean muscle added, the body burns 50 extra calories per day. As the metabolism speeds up, body fat comes down. Together with a higher metabolism, a better nutritional plan, and cardiovascular training, it is much easier for you to reach your fitness goals and get into the best shape of your life!             Remember:  LEAN MUSCLE ↑↑   +  METABOLISM ↑↑   =   BODY FAT ↓↓


As part of your personal training program, your trainer will also help you with nutrition.
You will be given a 7-day dietary recall sheet. On this sheet you will record all the food you eat for one week.
At the end of the week you will confer with your trainer and decide what foods to remove/reduce, and what foods to add to your diet.

We will discuss the frequency of meals throughout the day and teach you the difference between:
​ * Simple Carbs *Complex Carbs *Proteins *Different types of Fats

​We will help you to decide when and in what quantity to take in these different foods in accordance with your fitness goals and body type.

Everyone is different. What works for one person, may not work for you.

This is why so many diets fail. People follow diets that are not specifically designed for them. We will design a diet based specifically on you and your goals!!

Personal Training

All of our TRAINERS hold national certifications which are updated on a yearly basis. Our trainers are among the finest in Georgia and specialize in all areas including: 
Weight Loss
Muscle Gain 
Core Training
Youth/Senior Fitness
Pre Natal
Sport Specific Training
 *Toning and Sculpting
Post Partum

No Matter what your fitness level or goals, we have a trainer and

we will design a PROGRAM specifically for you!
We get results for our clients because unlike the big gyms we care about each and every client on an individual basis.


We were the winner of the Smyrna Award Program, Best of Smyrna 2012 Personal Trainers Award.


​Personal Training